Shek O

Apartments in Shek O
Apartments in Shek O
Apartments in Shek O


Shek O is scattered with townhouses and detached houses, while small village houses are found next to the sunny beach side. Residents can enjoy fantastic ocean views and green scenic spots or opt to join the exclusive Shek O Country Club, which is situated right next to the village.

Property for Rent in the Shek O

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UNIR Garden
UNIR Garden

Ref.#: 3900

Situated on the ultra-exclusive Shek O headland, this r...

3 bedroom(s)
3 bathroom(s)

For rent HK$180,000

SA 2560

GA 0

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Key Characteristics

  • Serene village atmosphere
  • Surrounded by Shek O Country Park
  • Two white sandy beaches, perfect for watersports

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