Apartments in Peak
Apartments in Peak
Apartments in Peak


Historically regarded as the most prestigious location where the "taipans" used to live, all buildings are restricted in height and therefore most properties are townhouses or low-rise units, many with swimming pool, tennis courts or gymnasiums. Many homes have outdoor space such as larger terraces, balconies or gardens.

Property for Rent in the Peak

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84 Peak Road

84 Peak Road

* Stunning panoramic seaview * Prestigue location wit...

SA 5342GA 6,678

5 bedroom(s)4 bathroom(s)

For rent HK$560,000

Ref.#: 10398

7-15 Mount Kellett Road

7-15 Mount Kellett Road

* 6 bedrooms and 1 study * Breathtaking mountain, gree...

SA 5703GA 0

6 bedroom(s)7 bathroom(s)

For rent HK$680,000

Ref.#: 22535



* Newly renovated with contemporary design * Situated...

SA 3404GA 0

4 bedroom(s)4 bathroom(s)

For rent HK$185,000

Ref.#: 13425

La Hacienda

La Hacienda

* Newly decorated * Spacious living & dining space ...

SA 2415GA 2,700

3 bedroom(s)2 bathroom(s)

For rent HK$110,000

Ref.#: 10235

Mount Austin Estate

Mount Austin Estate

* 4 bedroom family house located on the Peak * Private...

SA 2727GA 3,323

4 bedroom(s)3 bathroom(s)

For rent HK$253,000

Ref.#: 10653



* 3 bedroom apartment located at The Peak * Panoramic ...

SA 2212GA 0

3 bedroom(s)2 bathroom(s)

For rent HK$130,000

Ref.#: 23402

Fung Shui

Fung Shui

* 3 bedrooms (2-ensuite) * Huge balcony off living sp...

SA 4153GA 0

3 bedroom(s)3 bathroom(s)

For rent HK$182,000

Ref.#: 23387

The Mount Austin

The Mount Austin

* 2 bedroom apartment located on the Peak * Breathtaki...

SA 734GA 947

2 bedroom(s)2 bathroom(s)

For rent HK$46,540

Ref.#: 1177

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Key Characteristics

  • Panoramic views of Victoria Harbor
  • Luxurious upmarket housing estates
  • Easily accessible via taxis, buses and the historic Peak Tram

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