What is the best time of the year for Apartment hunt in Hong Kong

If you are interested to rent an apartment in Hong Kong, you need to consider the best time of the year to go apartment hunting. Hong Kong enjoys four seasons: Winter, Spring, Summer, and Autumn.

Winter in Hong Kong

Winter in Hong Kong starts in December and ends in February. It is normally a cold and dry season. Its temperature ranges from 15° C to 19° C– even dropping below 10° C.

Spring in Hong Kong

Spring in Hong Kong starts in March and ends in May. It is a warm and humid season that brings unpredictable weather conditions. It rains in some days and brings out clear-blue skies in other days. Its temperature ranges from 18° C to 27° C. It usually becomes very hot in the days heading toward summer.

Summer in Hong Kong

Summer in Hong Kong starts in June and ends in August. It is a season filled with rainy days or summer showers and high humidity with the constant threat of typhoons and thunderstorms. Its temperature ranges from 27° C to 33° C during day time and 24° C to 26° C at night.

Autumn in Hong Kong

Autumn in Hong Kong starts in September and ends in November. It is the ideal season to travel in and around Hong Kong. Good weather conditions are evident through the presence of clear-blue skies, low humidity, and warming temperature. This is the time of year where Hong Kong is filled with tourists from various parts of the world.

Apartment hunting during Winter and Summer months

Based from the facts stated above, apartment hunting is a definite no-no during the winter and summer seasons. These are extreme seasons and the cons of venturing out in Hong Kong to search for properties for rent far outweigh the pros.

Apartment hunting during Spring and Autumn months

Based from each season’s attributes, Spring and Autumn months are the best months to go out and around Hong Kong. Each season’s weather condition is ideal for anyone to explore the country and its islands.

Spring: The best time of the year to apartment hunt in Hong Kong

Between Spring and Autumn, Spring is the best time of the year to apartment hunt in Hong Kong.

As stated before, Autumn is the season wherein Hong Kong is filled with tourists. If you go apartment hunting during this season, you will find yourself in competition with tourists in availing any means of transportation. There will also be instances wherein some apartments are not available for rent during that time because tourists have already rented the place.