Top 4 localities to rent an apartment in Happy Valley Hong Kong

Hong Kong offers a plethora of residential areas which are ideal for expat accommodation. Each of them comes with its own set of pros and cons, and caters to a wide array of lifestyle preferences.

Happy Valley is an area located towards the north part of Hong Kong Island. Historically, it could be classified as a middle-upper class area, which formed one of the cultural beacons of the city. Nowadays, it is mostly seen as a high-end neighbourhood where children can benefit from well-above average school prospects and a safe, refined surrounding environment. Its residents consist of a mix of Hong Kong natives and expats.

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Happy Valley: HK’s Residential Gem

Flats for rent in Happy Valley come in a wide range of shapes and sizes. Lately, traditional low-rise complexes have given way to tall, modern apartment buildings but both co-exist in harmony. Expats who are looking to rent for a period of less than 6 months to a year can choose from many short-term serviced apartments available in the area. The city centre is just over a stone’s throw away, but people who prefer more green space and a quieter environment must look no further.

The 4 most popular localities within this amazing suburbia can be mostly categorised in terms of the adjacent roads to the modern residential buildings. Even though most of the streets in this area are well-polished and adhere to the same neighbourhood standards, we can select 4 of the most popular choices for expats. These tend to have amazing views of the renowned Racetrack and are the following:

  • Village Road
  • Sing-Woo Road
  • Blue Pool Road
  • Broadwood Road

What makes Happy Valley Special?

Given that it’s a rather central location, Happy Valley has a surprising suburban vibe. It offers the best of both worlds, and that’s the very reason why this area has exploded in popularity in recent years. Happy Valley homes for rent are in extreme demand by both foreigners and natives. Other than perhaps the most ideal residential environment of the Island, it is home to the famous Happy Valley Racetrack. The adjacent areas offer a thrilling nightlife spot at Causeway Bay, which by day is the Mecca of every shopaholic. Overseeing the race track, one can find the exclusive Hong Kong Football Club, where members can take advantage of its advanced sports facilities as well as its outdoor swimming pool and restaurants.

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