Solo Apartment Renting Perks in Hong Kong

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If you have rented an apartment before, then you should know that renting one can cost you huge amount of money. How much more if you plan on living alone and in a highly congested city like Hong Kong? Hong Kong has about 7.3 million population– quite densely populated for a small city. This may not be an ideal place to stay for older adults who have plans to retire somewhere peaceful and quite, or those people who have plans to build their own family in a less crowded place. But Hong Kong is the perfect place for young adults who are just starting to try their luck in landing a good job.

Most people especially fresh graduates from different universities are eager to move to the city to look for the perfect job. But aside from the problem of looking for a suitable job, there is also the issue of looking for a place to stay. For a city like Hong Kong, apartment renting is quite costly. Some would just resort to share an apartment in order to save on rent. This would not be a big problem; however, there are certain risks to be considered. It is already hard to mingle with a stranger, but it is even more difficult to actually live with one. There is also the issue of entrusting your things to someone whom you do not fully know personally yet. However, living solo is a sign of being independent, a must attribute of an adult.

If the idea of having to share a room with someone bothers you, this only leaves the option of living without roommates. The idea of living solo may be terrifying at first, but it has its own set of advantages. The following are the perks of solo apartment renting in Hong Kong:

Choose the apartment you like without asking permission from a roommate. It is quite a dilemma to argue with someone over something as important as choosing an apartment of your liking. Do not delve into this kind of situation, and let yourself choose the apartment you desire. After all, it is you who will live there– not anybody else.

Decorate the apartment the way you want it. One of the best things in living solo is that nobody tells you what to do and not to do. You do not have to ask permission from your roommates whenever you want to do something trivial within the apartment like decorating it or watching a film without ear plugs. Some people are very particular with their choice of things. Living solo can give you all the freedom you want. From choosing the perfect color to buying the perfect furniture; the decision is all yours.

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