In addition to the sale and acquisition of property in Hong Kong, Qi-Homes offers a host of value added services for an additional fee.

Fung Shui Consultation

Qi-Homes teams with renowned Fung Shui Master “Union Lau” who has worked with celebrities, government officials and successful businessmen to restore balance to their living and working environments. Master Lau normally has a three month waiting list. Please CONTACT US for pricing and availability.

Hong Kong is considered an inalienable part of the People’s Republic of China, meaning that it serves as a separate independent region. Fundamental rights and freedoms are also safeguarded for the residents of Hong Kong in accordance to Article 31 of the Constitution from the People’s Republic of China. Along with other members of legislature, the chief executive of Hong Kong is appointed by citizens of Hong Kong every five years. As agreed by the Chinese government of an unchanged society of 50 years, Hong Kong runs under the law of one country, two systems. Currently the Chief Executive of Hong Kong is Mr. Donald Tsang Yam-Kuen.


Many of our clients who invest in the property market are looking for maximum return on their investment. This means fixing up the property and leasing at the best possible rental price.

While many investors have a clear idea of what they want, they don’t have the time or resources on hand to follow through with their plan of action. We at Qi-Homes offer our clients a comprehensive investment management service which includes:

  • Consultation on maximising your return
  • Architectural and interior design consultation
  • On site renovation management
  • Fung Shui consultation
  • Re-listing and finding tenants for rental or sale of your investment property

CONTACT US for more details and pricing

Relocation And Orientation

We provide executives and their families who are moving in and out of Hong Kong with a comprehensive relocation and orientation package to help you either settle into life in Hong Kong or make your move overseas a stress free experience. This package includes:

  • Recommendation on relocation/moving companies.
  • Assistance with enrolling into schools
  • Assistance with setting up bank accounts
  • Recommendations on schools
  • Hiring of domestic helpers
  • Setting up utilities accounts
  • Orientation of the city, shopping for appliances and furniture. etc.

CONTACT US for more details and pricing.