Moving to SoHo? Follow these 8 Ideas for SoHo Apartment Rentals!

The thing about renting in SoHo Hong Kong is that it can be tough. In most non-western countries, living spaces can be much smaller than we are used to. This isn’t to mean that you will be miserable in your new rental. The opposite can be said if you shop smart and make sure that you have the eight pillars of comfort covered the moment you move in to your new apartment!

8 Ideas for SoHo Apartment Rentals

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Choose Locations near Public Transportation

Why? Choosing somewhere that is in close proximity to public transport means being able to get to work or around town quicker. You will be living next to buses or trains that are running so often that you will have no choice but to be on time every time. Living near public transportation is especially beneficial for the frequent traveler.

Outside of the City Center

Living outside of the center of the city makes living cheaper. Less strain on your wallet gives you more time to pay attention to the things that matter the most. Like your family, friends and home.

Choose Smaller Open Floor Plans

Choosing an apartment with an open floor plan will make your home look larger. Especially if you have large windows. These windows will allow for natural light to come in creating the optical illusion of more grandiose rooms when in reality, you have a small but optimal space.

Build a Better Bond with your Landlord

Sometimes paying the rent on time just isn’t enough. Getting to know your landlord never hurts. Establishing a relationship with your landlord will allow for you to foster a relationship built off of trust so that you never have to deal with nightmarish hassling and harassment.

Make it Comfortable

Making your home comfortable is easy as adding accents that add color and life to your home. This can be achieved by using playful patterns, colors and textures to add a splash of style to your home. Something as simple as tossing a few textured and pattern throw pillows onto your basic colored sofa with a nice off-color quilt to offset the generic style of your home can work wonders to liven the place up!

Things like bean bag chairs and floor lamps add even more charm without taking up much space. When choosing accents, think of things that do not take up a lot of space that can easily be stored away in your closet or other organization space.

Utilize Effective Organization Tools

Using items such as totes a very effective way to keep your home organized and fresh. Totes come in so many shapes and sizes. They can be rolled under your couch to stash away blankets and pillows, or stacked in your closets to keep your clothes and linens looking and smelling nice and fresh.

Using organization tools will keep your home uncluttered which will help it appear larger than it really is. The keep is to maintain clear surfaces and to keep your organization tools out of sight.

Keep it Simple

Furnishing your home doesn’t mean by a 10 by 8 table with six chairs to go with it, a chandelier and three family sofas. You want to be as minimal as possible. Allow for your expression to come through in the textures, patterns and colors you choose for your home furnishings.

Upgrade Your Furnishings!

When push comes to shove and change is feeling long overdue, opt to change up your furnishings. Changing your furniture doesn’t necessarily mean that you have to purchase new furniture, it simply means that you will be changing this up a bit. Seat covers are nifty for maintaining the condition of your sofa and changing up the throw pillows can change the entire room.