Lease Provisions to Watch Out For

Lease Provisions to Watch

Looking for an apartment to live in, whether temporarily or permanently, can be really challenging and demanding. Finding a good place already requires much effort on your part, but even more complicated matters need to be dealt with alongside the much needed research. So, aside from choosing a spot and making sure it matches your budget, matters like the application, negotiation, and lease signing are always a necessity that needs to be taken care of throughout the whole tenancy process. Most lease apartment in Hong Kong operates with this kind of system.

Moreover, further negotiations may be agreed upon. All of the lease provisions made between the tenant and the landlord must be listed on a legal contract. However, some landlords forget or don’t, at all, bother writing those terms down for some reasons, and tenants are usually unaware of this matter.

Responsibilities of a landlord

Whether or not it is written on the lease, there are important responsibilities a landlord has to take. Perhaps the most important is the fact that a landlord must keep the apartment safe and satisfactorily habitable for every tenant. Apartments should not be a subject to any conditions that may cause danger to the residents.

It’s an absolute requirement for the landlord to take responsibility for matters related to the apartment. The renters are then obliged to pay the analogous sum. Other than the assurance of safety and comfort for the renting party, a landlord is not obliged to do more. A property-owner may accommodate some repairs, but further modifications may not be seen as a necessity and thus, may not be entertained.

The tenant is responsible for the repairs

This is fairly reasonable especially when the damages are done by the leaseholder. The cost of the repairs may not be free, depending on the agreed lease provisions. The land owner may still accommodate the renter, but they will no longer be responsible for the payment.

The landlord may enter the apartment for agreed reasons

Tenants may want to keep their private space exclusive, but sometimes may call for the need of the landlord. Upon making negotiations, it is very important to get into details especially on matters like giving the landlord permission to enter in case of emergency.

The tenant will pay for maintenance

Maintaining cleanliness is not necessarily part of the responsibilities of the landlord, but maintenance may be of need. Depending on the agreement, tenants may share the maintenance fees together with the property-owner. It is important for a renter who pays fees for maintenance to be fully aware of their respective allocation. That is to say that since they pay they need to know what’s being cleaned, how often, and by whom.

The landlord can change lease provisions any time

This still greatly depends on the agreement made, but renters are advised to include restrictions on the landlord’s (or tenant’s) right to change the agreed lease provisions, especially without the other party’s consent.

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