Interior Design I Turnkey Investment Solutions

Many of our clients who invest in the property market are looking for maximum return on their investment. This means fixing up the property and leasing at the best possible rental price.
While many investors have a clear idea of what they want, they don’t have the time or resources on hand to follow through with their plan of action.

  • We provide a 5 step process to your investment portfolio thus enabling you the maximise rental yields and ensure your property is rented in the shortest amount of time and for the highest price
  • Property Acquisition —> Interior Design —> Project Management —> Leasing —> Property Management and on going tenancy support
  • We work with a tried and tested team of professionals from space planners to contractor. We understand what tenants want.
  • We have over 15 years of experience in the field. no mater what your budget we can ensure the process a stress free one.

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