Property Makeovers

  • Looking for improvements to your apartment or in need for some refurbishments for a recent rental property?
  • We work closely with a local renovator for cost effective property make oven, refurbishments and even minor touch ups.
  • No matter the scale or the type of job we have the trusted tradesmen to handle the task.
  • We have the right contacts and speak the language to make the process stress-free.
  • With years of experience in leasing in Hong Kong, ask us how with some simple improvements can help increase returns on your property and minimise periods of vacancy.

Property Management

  • We have a unique approach to Property Management, and charge depending on your property’s condition.
  • Why lose a significant portion of rental income on management fees when your property has little need for maintenance?
  • Our Fees are based on our grading of your property, standard of the renovations, whether it has a Rooftop or Terrace, the age of appliances (such as air-conditioners) and the quality of furniture.
  • Flat rate management fees can be minimal with extra charges only on call-outs or special circumstances.
  • Save all the hassle and stress of managing your own property without giving up a large percentage of the rental income and leave it to us.

Interior Design

  • We work with an experienced interior designer specialised in high return on investment designs that are stunning, practical and durable.
  • A great design can attract the right tenant at the right price but choosing the right Building materials also matter in the long run.
  • Whether they are fittings and cabinets made with quality MDF with real wood veneer, flooring with durable hard wood, the right materials will save money and make future refurbishments a simple and cost effective process.
  • With our experience and expertise, no matter what your budget, we can work out the optimum design solution for your needs.