Top 7 Most Expensive Neighbourhoods in Hong Kong

With some neighbourhoods fetching over $100,000 per sq ft, Hong Kong has retained it’s leading position in the list of the most expensive housing markets, also topping the ranking for the world’s costliest cities to live for expats for the second year running.

The increasing demand for luxurious real estate in Hong Kong coming from Mainland China guarantees a favorable climate for investors. The question is only where to choose that dream spot that will become a great deal both for habitation and for the wallet.

Here is the list of the most exclusive neighborhoods in Hong Kong to choose from.



Why Home Staging is helping beat Hong Kongs Challenging Property Market

“Home is not a place, it’s a feeling.” Alex Sheldon, The Home Stylist

The Home Stylist (THS) tell this to every one of their clients, to help them understand how important their unique personality is in styling their home. Home is not just a place, with well-lit rooms and nicely arranged furniture. Home is a feeling that you get from all these elements put together in just the right way, with just the right amount of personal touch.

But, how do we create that ‘feeling’ of home when the place in question doesn’t yet have an owner to give it personality? This is where home staging comes in, and it is much more than just nicely arranged furniture.

In Hong Kong’s current challenging and competitive residential sales and leasing market, professional property staging has become an essential ingredient in achieving success.

So what is Home Staging?

Home staging is the process of preparing a property for sale or lease with select pieces of furniture and decor. The goal of staging an otherwise empty space in this way is to help potential buyers or renters easily imagine themselves living there. By creating a feeling of ‘home’ with clever styling details, property stagers are able to sell homes for more with less time on the market.

Home Staging Hong Kong
Mid Levels Apartment – Before Staging
Home Staging Hong Kong
Mid Levels Apartment – After Staging

Staged Homes Proven to Rent and Sell Quicker by up to 87%

“It is quite surprising how few people really can visualize an empty space transitioned to their own place! Done properly, home-staging a property gives landlords at least a 60% better chance of having clients walk in the door and say – ‘this is the one for me’.” According to the US National Association of Realtors, for every $100 invested in staging, the potential return is $400. “A staged home will sell for 17% more on average than a non-staged home, and 95% of staged homes sell in 11 days or less. That is statistically 87% faster than non-staged homes.”

“Properties need to present beautifully in print, online and in-person in order to achieve the best price in the shortest possible time,” says Alex. After 2 decades in the home styling and real estate realms, this is something that the THS team has seen time and time again.

“It’s important to create a home, not a showroom which is why a stylist’s eye is so crucial. Every person viewing the property needs to be able to visualize living there ”

Home Staging Hong Kong
First Impressions – Before and After Staging

Offering Diverse Furnishings to Highlight Every Type of Space

THS Property Staging team have just finished staging a 2300sqft 4Bed property in Midlevels in October 2019 on the market for HKD58 million.  For this high-end family home, THS chose furniture and decor from their preferred suppliers, including Hong Kong homeware stores Bo Concept, Tequila Kola and Australian lamp designers Bragg & Co, plus a number of their own accessories and art.

Of course, one style cannot appeal to everyone which is why THS also offers digital lookbooks of room renderings to compliment their staging services. This way they can stage one impeccable room and then take clients on a virtual tour of the rest of the property and show other design concepts. 

Creating Relaxing Spaces - Before
Creating Relaxing Spaces – Before Staging
reating Relaxing Spaces - After
Creating Relaxing Spaces – After Staging

Complete Turnkey Solutions at Every Budget

As a small agency, specializing in personal and tailored services, The Home Stylist finds a unique solution for each and every client depending on their property, their target market and their budget. As a team of project managers with a flair for design, they are not afraid to think outside the box in their quest to create that special feeling of home.

With this Mid-Levels apartment, it is clear that staging made a huge impact. The home, untouched by the owners for more than 40 years, had over 20 viewings in the first few days. 

Qi Homes have successfully partnered with THS on several projects successfully in order to help Rent and Sale apartments throughout Hong Kong. Staging is proven effective in selling the property 50% faster compared to unstaged flats. Furnishing flats with quality finishing also give the property “perceived value” explains Anthony Hindmarsh, Director of Qi Homes meaning buyers or renters are less likely to negotiate as hard. We highly recommend THS and their team of expert Interior Designers to produce the most effective results in any client’s budget. For more information please contact us at

Highlighting Selling Features - Before
Highlighting Selling Features – Before Staging
Kitchen After Staging
Highlighting Selling Features – After Staging

Mid Century Inspired Decor Elevates this Soho Hong Kong Loft for Sale

Soho Hong Kong is an area icomprising of restaurantsbarsnightclubsart galleries,and antique stores and consists of two main streets – Elgin and Staunton. The area became popular in 1993 with the opening of the Central Mid Levels Escalator connecting mid levels with the central business district.  At the time of its opening, it was the longest escalator in the world.


18 Shelley Street located in SoHo connected by the central mid-levels escalator. The building is a colonial low rise with five floors. You can walk to the central business district in about 7 minutes and is well serviced by public transportation.

Modern Kitchen Soho Hong Kong

Interior Highlights

This 1 Bedroom, 1 bathroom flat has 464 sq ft of livable space and is beautifully renovated in a mid-century modern design. One of the highlights of this apartment is the Fabulous 355 sq ft wrap around terrace. The kitchen features lots of built-in storage and lots of storage.

Relaxing Bedroom Soho Hong Kong


  • 650sf (464sf n) 1 bedroom Open Plan
  • Fully fitted and equipped kitchen
  • Good sized bathroom with rain shower
  • Fully Furnished
  • Fabulous 355sf wrap-around Terrace
  • Double glazed throughout
  • Extremely quiet and peaceful surroundings
  • Excellent location. Close to all amenities
  • Walk up building
  • Weekly Maid Service
  • Vacant Possession
Luxurious Bathroom Soho Hong Kong


Bookshelf For Storage Uncluttered Spaces

10 Sure Fire Ways to make a small space look bigger

In Hong Kong Space is a premium and no matter if you live in a Tiny One Bedroom in Soho or a Lovely 4 bedroom in Repulse Bay, there never seems to be enough space for storage. Here is    10 Sure Fire Ways to make a small space look bigger.

1. De clutter the space and off the floors.

10 Sure Fire Ways to make a small space look bigger

One of the key tips to make a room feel larger is to clear away clutter and get things such as books off the floor. Cleverly designed bookshelves can double up as a display for ornaments and antiques.


2. Keep Floors and Walls, Light

10 Sure Fire Ways to make a small space look bigger

Keeping Floors light will help reflect the light and give the space an open and airy feel.


3. Paint the Ceilings a lighter colour than the walls

10 Sure Fire Ways to make a small space look bigger

By Keeping ceilings a lighter color that the walls, you will give the impression that the room is taller.







4. Pull Furniture away from Walls to give a sense of space.

10 Sure Fire Ways to make a small space look bigger

Pulling Furniture away from walls gives an illusion of space and will avoid making everything look cramped.





5. Make use of multipurpose furnishings that can double up as storage.

10 Sure Fire Ways to make a small space look bigger

Cleaver designed furnishings can be perfect for storing small items that can clutter the space.







6. Hang Shelves near the ceiling to draw the eyes upwards

10 Sure Fire Ways to make a small space look bigger

Making use of all the nooks and crannies could also help make the room look bigger by balancing out the room







7. Use large decorative accents pieces.

10 Sure Fire Ways to make a small space look bigger

Smaller pieces (smaller than a melon) tend to crowd a room. Use larger statement pieces in groups of three. The basic idea of the rule: information and objects that appear in threes are







8. Use Statement Piece Furnishings

10 Sure Fire Ways to make a small space look bigger

This large sofa that takes up the whole space actually makes the room look less cluttered than many smaller pieces.








9. Use Mirrors to reflect light and make the room look bigger

10 Sure Fire Ways to make a small space look bigger

Mirrors are interior designer’s biggest secret to make a room look bigger, use them to reflect off a feature that you want to highlight such as green trees or a sea view.


10. Choose a Sofa with Exposed Legs to give a sense of space.

10 Sure Fire Ways to make a small space look bigger

Sofa Lifted Up from the Floor Creates a Feeling of Space and Makes the room look bigger


11. Use Symmetry to create a peaceful, organized feel

10 Sure Fire Ways to make a small space look bigger

By balancing out a room with matching pieces on both sides you are able to give the sense or order and peace.

12. Use Stripes to make a room wider or longer

10 Sure Fire Ways to make a small space look bigger

Place a rug with stripes in the direction that you want the room to look bigger and you will notice a transformation.








Qi-Homes Provides Staging and Interior Design consultation to our clients who purchase flats from us.  For more information on cost effective ways to enhance your space and maximize your rental and sales potential please click here.

Renovate your Investment Property with the help of Qi-Homes

Together with Hong Kong’s surge in Property prices, the city has also seen a rise in the quality of renovations particularly in the small rental properties as landlord realize by upgrading the interior particularity the kitchen and bathrooms they are able to achieve higher rental yields. Here is our guide to Renovate your Investment Property with the help of Qi-Homes

Qi Homes has been offering their clients a complete turn key solution from acquisition and renovation to leasing and property management for the past 12 years.  Through their expertise in the industry and having a strong understanding of what tenants are looking for they are able to achieve rental returns of between 4 – 7% per annum.

We like to keep things simple explains Anthony Hindmarsh founder of Qi-Homes, a boutique property agency who specializes in nicely renovated flats/unique flats for both sale and rent on Hong Kong Island.  When renovating a home it’s important to keep things as generic as possible so that any prospective tenants will feel they can make it “their home”.  In many cases keeping it light and airy with lots of storage is the solution.  We find that too many “built in” pieces of furnishing is a problem, as it tends to be too personalized to one persons taste which may not be the case for another client.

Floor Plan for Furnishings

Kitchens and Bathrooms are extremely important to tenants no matter what the budget.  We have seen a huge demand for kitchens with Ovens even when kitchens are small and the tenant may not cook all the time.  Having one gives that extra added value which is more important than things such as Dishwashers explains Anthony.


In a city like Hong Kong storage is always an issue says Hindmarsh.  In many cases we use dead space for storage.  We recently built a writing desk over the “bay” window of the flat that would typically be wasted space in the bedroom and likewise added seating space in the living room.  Well planned built in storage from floor to ceiling is also important in Hong Kong Flats.

Our company works with our own contractors who we know and trust says Anthony, we involve our landlords as much or as little as they like in the design process but ultimately we hand hold the project from start to finish and have strong input as to what will achieve financial goals.  The aim of any successful investment property is to have the flat rented as soon as possible for the highest price.  Every day the flat sits empty means a loss of income for the landlord which is something we are very aware of explains Hindmarsh.

Kitchen Living

Whilst an extensive renovation project is usually needed, sometimes a little “makeover” is all that is required to turn the flat around.  We like to re-plan the space to maximize efficiency which sometimes means tearing down walls and building open kitchens.  In a recent renovation project we completely flipped the living room and bedroom around as the original floor plan did not maximize the views and natural light says Anthony.  In many cases our clients cannot see the true potential of the flat when they  purchase but we have a good understanding of which walls are structural and which can be removed and they are usually thrilled with the result as we have created a really unique space.

New Photo 2

Qi Homes offers renovation projects to clients who purchase flats with them and offer interior design and project management fees at half the price of a normal interior designer.  We treat our projects as a long term business,  we don’t make money on the renovation project, but with a 100% repeat customer base the numbers speak for themselves.

Please contact Anthony on +852 9105 1406 or via email at to learn more.




Hong Kong village house has an ethical makeover

When it comes to renovating a house, the temptation is to rip it all out and start again. Yet sometimes, this just seems wrong. With Hong Kong’s landfills overflowing with perfectly good kitchens, bathrooms and flooring, it’s becoming increasingly clear the responsible way to renovate is to reuse, reclaim and adapt.

“We try to be green – we compost, we recycle,” says Australian Louise Garnaut, who lives in a 1,750 sq ft Clear Water Bay village house with her Italian branding designer husband, Vincenzo Perri, and their children, Agnese, 14, and Ettore, nine. “When we bought the house in 2011, it was immaculate. The previous owner was Japanese and it was truly minimal. Would I have chosen these floor tiles? No, but we can live with them.”


With just weeks to finalise the plan before the contractor started work, Garnaut and Perri, who have lived in Hong Kong since the 1980s, worked with what they had.

“Fortunately, we had been living in a similar house and I’d been thinking for years about what I would do with the space,” Garnaut says. “We wanted it to be minimalist, but not too minimalist. I didn’t want it to look like a hotel; a home should be a bit quirky. It should have character.”

They adapted the existing layout, comprising a double-height living space, a study and bathroom on the ground floor, a kitchen on the mezzanine, and bedrooms on the floor above, plus a rooftop barbecue and entertaining space. They installed double glazing to reduce electricity usage and came up with an ingenious storage solution: a five-foot-wide “bridge” lined with floor-to-ceiling cupboards extending from the mezzanine floor along one wall of the double-height living room. Inside are dishes, wine, kitchen paraphernalia and an entire cupboard dedicated to cookbooks.


“I do a lot of baking,” says Garnaut, who ran her own bindery, Bookworks, for many years before becoming an estate agent for

Her all-white kitchen needed a little alteration to provide more space. They moved the island a couple of feet to make way for a cupboard for the large fridge-freezer and added a wall-sized blackboard on which Garnaut chalks up to-do reminders.

“We’ve had a blackboard in our last three homes. This one is black laminate; it’s so much easier to clean.”

On the ground floor, the living space saw the most change during the renovation, with the installation of a new window, a large cupboard with bamboo doors and an entertainment system behind a distressed-steel sliding wall. Cement board was applied to two walls, with bamboo laminate on a third.

“The contractors didn’t like working with the cement board,” Garnaut says. “It’s quite hard to cut and, because it comes in panels, the joins had to be in the right places. The bamboo cupboard doors were also not right the first time, but we reused the first attempt to make a desk.”


Next to the stairs, the double-height wall has been finished with a three-layer paint system: a yellow primer, a sandy-textured layer and the final grey wash. “The contractor didn’t want to do it – he didn’t think it would look good. But we had seen it at a friend’s [home] and Vincenzo said, ‘We’re doing it.'”

“We practised first inside the cupboard under the stairs,” Garnaut says, opening a door to some beautifully decorated storage. “Then Vincenzo painted it using a ladder and a platform he built himself.”

As for furniture, being one of nine children, Garnaut says, she doesn’t have much in the way of heirlooms apart from a much-loved desk in the living room that came from a great aunt. However, being part of a large family does have its advantages.

“When my sisters and friends move, if something doesn’t work in the new house it gets passed on. It’s a cycle,” Garnaut says


Upstairs, the largest bedroom was split to create a master bedroom and a room for Ettore. Both new rooms have picture windows framing dramatic views of the bay.

The master bedroom makes the most of that view, with the bed facing the window against a substantial bespoke headboard. Behind this, antique Korean chests create a dressing area between the bed and a wall of built-in wardrobes. Agnese, however, has the only en-suite bathroom.

“The rest of us share the family bathroom, which is much smaller. We did renovate the bathrooms – they were a bit weird, with the toilets set at an angle. I’m really not bothered about having an en-suite,” Garnaut says. “It’s easier this way.”

Vista Mount Davis

Comtemporary Asian Interiors Enhance Deluxe Hong Kong Homes

Over the past few years, we have seen an increase of beautifully designed interiors come on the market as landlords spends huge sums renovating their space for both self use and investments.

One of the most popular styles is the east meets west modern Asian, with influence from Bali and Thailand creating warm and inviting homes.

Qi-Homes specializes in  unique and special homes for both Sale and Lease over a large spectrum of price points and areas.

Please contact us for more information today.