7 Things to Look for in a Rental Listing

Listing your rental property online is one of the most effective ways to attract quality tenant leads. However, no matter how hard you try to give your rental listing its uniqueness to make potential renters click on it, you may still not be getting enough responses for your properties. Here are some tips for listing your rental property online.

A detailed description

The details of the property are the most crucial aspect of rental listing because it precisely describes what the property offers. The minimum number of bedrooms and bathrooms, floor plan, square footage and storage space should be provided in detail. This should be included in the main body of the listing.

Amenities, Activities, and Attractions

The amenities section serves to describe and highlight the property’s best qualities. Many Hong Kong apartments for rent already have the basic amenities. You should include amenities that show the uniqueness of the property. They include in-unit laundry, air conditioning, ample storage units, and private outdoor space. Ensure to point out amenities the apartment is close to such as movie theaters, malls, parks, and transport access.

Rental price

All costs of the rental should be clearly stated in the rental listing. This includes monthly rent, application fee, security deposit, parking costs, service charge among others. This helps ensure that prospective renters who inquire about your property can actually afford it. Make sure to set a competitive rental price.

Outline major policies

The renter needs to know the broad strokes before coming to see a rental. Therefore the rental listing should state significant policies such as the minimum length of stay, pet policy, children policy, parking, smoking, and maximum occupancy. The termination date of the lease if you’re subletting your space is also important information.

Upload Striking photos

Maximize your rental listing impact by posting high-quality images that show off the best features of the property – inside and out. Remove clutter for the photos but make sure the environment still looks warm. The rooms should look bright, cheerful and inviting. Add a couple of pictures of community life, key venues nearby if applicable.

Contact information

Your rental listing should include plenty of options for renters to contact you, including email address, website URL, phone numbers, and leading social network links. Rental listings at QI Homes are mobile-friendly, which works perfectly for social media. Also, mention showing times.

Additional details

Once the renters have all the basic information, it’s crucial to disclose further details so they can see if the property is the right fit for them. Details such as who manages the rental, who is responsible for keeping the building in good repair or whether the renter has to take care of lawns and gardens.