5 reasons buying your own home trumps renting

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At some point in life, one may be stuck between the decision of settling on a rented space or owning a house. This may trigger the curiosity as to which is better and which may be worth the risk. Experts may have answers for those questions. Here are the reasons why you should choose buying your own home over paying for rent.

1. It provides investment options

The value of most real estate properties can significantly increase over time. After several years, after you bought your own property, you might want to sell it for bigger value and buy another one. You can renovate the new one as your permanent home or save it for future investments. You can seek help from a real estate agent to find and negotiate with buyers.

2. It can make money

When renting, you spend your money for your rent. That amount you just paid can never, in any way, get back into your pocket. When buying your own property HK, you pay for the mortgage, but you also pay for yourself. You may not readily get the return on investment, but remember that you are buying an appreciating asset. In the long run, its price will considerably shoot up. If you are okay with staying at your old home, you can have the new one made available for rent, or the other way around. When the price goes huge in the future, you can sell it off and enjoy bigger rewards.

3. It builds future wealth

Real estate properties can be part of your success in the near future. Finally deciding to stop paying for rents and start investing for the future with your own home can be considered as your stepping stone in reaching success for the long run. Real estate can be a very ideal asset and owning your own place is a wise investment for the future.

4. It gives you a fixed address

Getting asked to leave from an apartment, for whatever reason, can be very mortifying and upsetting. Every time you leave, you pack everything up again and worry about where to go next. It can inevitably get you seem homeless at some point. Unless you hold a lifetime legal commitment with the landlord, you will always experience the same trouble over and over again. Having your own home gives you your very own fixed, permanent address. You can have the sense of security you badly crave for.

5. It saves you from asking permissions

Living in your own place gives you the absolute freedom you need. You can do just about everything you want to without asking for prior consent. It saves you the trouble of asking permissions from the hot blooded landlord. You become your own boss here.

Having your name written as a property title can indeed be one of the most amazing things that could ever happen to you. The idea of buying a property can seem really daunting. It’s a kind of decision that needs to be thought about for a really long time. Qi-Homes gives real estate expert advice. You are welcome to ask for a helping hand.