22 Baker Road Bunglow Sold

22 Barker Road Reportedly Sold for HK$1.5 Billion

A Luxury Home on 22 Barker Road has reportedly Sold for $1.5 Billion to Billionaire Jack Ma of Alibaba  reports SCMP on 13th August 2015. and breaking all price records in Hong Kong.

22 Barker Road, was the former residence of the Belgian Consul before being bought in 2000 for HK$ 163 Million by Francis Yuen Tin Fan and has reportedly sold for HK$150,000 per sq ft.

22 Barker Road, Prime Peak Address

22 Barker Road (Source: Googlemaps)

The house located on the Peak is considered one of Hong Kong’s most prestigious addresses is built on a 33,000 sq foot site. The house is spread across four stories and features a total of seven bedrooms including four ensuite, and three bathrooms.   There are four big balconies and a rooftop terrace with unparalleled views over Hong Kong’s Victoria Harbour.

Billionaire Jack Ma Purchases Prime Peak Home

View From 22 Barker Road (Bill Cox/Epoch Times)

Many of the super wealthy have bought homes on the Peak with the view to tear down the original structure and convert into separate townhouses often selling with healthy profits.  An example is Ho Tung Gardens a historic home on the peak that has since been torn down and redeveloped although it is not certain what will happen to this home.

Prices of these super homes are seeing unprecedented price increases over the past few years with value increasing up to 10 times.

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