Monthly Archives: August 2015

22 Barker Road Reportedly Sold for HK$1.5 Billion

A Luxury Home on 22 Barker Road has reportedly Sold for $1.5 Billion to Billionaire Jack Ma of Alibaba  reports SCMP on 13th August 2015. and breaking all price records in Hong Kong. 22 Barker Road, was the former residence of the Belgian Consul before being bought in 2000 for HK$ 163 Million by Francis Yuen Tin Fan and […]

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10 Easy Steps to buying residential properties in Hong Kong

Hong Kong has a very vibrant real estate market that attracts both local Hong Kongers as well as foreigners. People love the region because of its diversity, multi-cultural environment, good business environment, and much more. Compared to other regions, owning or selling property in Hong Kong is relatively simple and straightforward. Here are our 10 […]

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Top Tips When Signing Hong Kong Tenancy Agreements

Before signing any tenancy agreement, it is in the best interests of both the landlord as well as the tenant to have the required information that will help them to protect their individual interests in the deal.  Here is our Top Tips When Signing Hong Kong Tenancy Agreements. This will help to prevent misunderstandings and […]

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